Quality Assurance

Strict quality control is maintained at each stage of manufacture. The System of stage wise inspection at various stages of manufacturing of individual component for dimensions, quality and tolerances has enabled us to maintain the best quality of our product. The major raw material utilized is Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel plats, Billets & Blooms are used for forging.

These items are procured either indigenously from reputed Companies like TISCO – Jamshedpur, ISMTL – Pune and, SAIL, MUSCO, SUNFLANG, RINL or imported with Original Mill Certificates duly certificates duly certified for Physical Properties, Chemical composition and Heat Treatment as per Standards laid down by the American Society for Testing and Material. Besides they are further subjected to check testing for detailed Physical and Chemical analysis at reputed independent Laboratories by our Inspection Department to ensure compliance with relevant ASTM Standards before taking for production.

Manufacturing Facilities Approved by Leading Consultants

Standards We Follow